Wein-Plus Ambassador

Wein-Plus Ambassador for the Wine Guide

Wein-Plus Ambassador for the Wine Guide are the link between producers and the Wine Guide editorial team and are responsible for a defined region or country.
The Wein-Plus Ambassador cares that within its territory all the top companies are represented in Wine Guide. To:

  • she/he identified for Wein-Plus previously unknown top wine-producer,
  • pays attention to timeliness of regional and producer descriptions,
  • ensures together with Wein-Plus that all possible classified generator
    (  to  ) send regular updates on patterns for tasting (because this is an editorial activity that is free for producers). 

Wein-Plus Ambassador are equipped with a number of privileges and special rights:

  • Wein-Plus card so that they can legitimize themselves accordingly producers against. On the card the task of the ambassador is clearly defined and in particular clarified that this does not taste for publication in Wine Guide.
  • The name and contact information of the ambassadors are published in Wine Guide. Access to an exclusive Facebook group for Wein-Plus Ambassador.
  • Access to internal communication channels of Wein-Plus.
  • Access to tools that allow, for example, lack of sample submissions can be identified. 
  • Ambassadors receive a free membership at Wein-Plus.

The activity as a Wein-Plus Ambassador is an honorary post. As a small token of appreciation or reimbursement received Ambassador a percentage of the annual membership fees of producers. 

Which ambassadors are there? We have introduced the Ambassador function in July 2015th Currently, we present to you the following ambassadors:

Bosnia and Herzegovina Franz Horvat franz.horvat@wein-plus.eu
Bulgaria Latchezar Bossev latchezar.bossev@wein-plus.eu
France › Bourgogne Richard Voit richard.voit@wein-plus.eu
France › Rhône Patrick Sevestre patrick.sevestre@wein-plus.eu
Greece Angeliki Tsioli angeliki.tsioli@wein-plus.eu
Italy Katrin Walter katrin.walter@wein-plus.eu
Kosovo Franz Horvat franz.horvat@wein-plus.eu
Croatia Franz Horvat
Gerhard Lzicar
Macedonia Franz Horvat franz.horvat@wein-plus.eu
Montenegro Franz Horvat franz.horvat@wein-plus.eu
Austria Helmut Müller helmut.mueller@wein-plus.eu
Portugal Jörg Rekate joerg.rekate@wein-plus.eu
Rumänien Ana Rodica Capatina rodica.capatina@wein-plus.eu
Switzerland Wolfgang Beiss wolfgang.beiss@wein-plus.eu
Serbia Lukas Ertl
Franz Horvat
Slowakia Stanislav Rudy stanislav.rudy@wein-plus.eu
Slowenia Franz Horvat franz.horvat@wein-plus.eu
Spain › Andalusia Cora Vos Becker cora.becker@wein-plus.eu
Spain › Catalonia Peter Steinmetz peter.steinmetz@wein-plus.eu
South Tyrol Roland Brunner roland.brunner@wein-plus.eu
Hungary Beáta Keszler beata.keszler@wein-plus.eu
Hungary › Villány Susann Hanauer susann.hanauer@wein-plus.eu
Cyprus Bernhard Furler bernhard.furler@wein-plus.eu

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