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Red wine 2011 Gaillac AOC "Cuvée du Dôme", South-west France, France

Type: Red wine
Quantity: 0.75 l
Alcohol content : 12.5%
Price: 6.30 €
Bottle closue: Synthetic
Maturing: Steel
Registration number : #DBL-LCDR11

Wine Review Report :

Wein-Plus rating: Very good (86 WP)
Last reviewed: 29 August 2019
Editor note: Meaty animal notes and a hint of bacon on the nose, cedary and light peppery notes, blackcurrants and red berries, hint of mushrooms, touch of iodine. Clear, fairly polished, juicy fruit on the palate, very fine tannins, vegetal and herbaceous notes, nutty traces, meaty traces in the background, good to very good finish.
Best to drink: To 2021+

The appellation, named after the small town of the same name, is located in the east of the wine-growing region Southwest France, Gaillac is one of the oldest wine regions France, The Romans have practiced viticulture here at least since the 1st century. However, there may have been some before Celts (Gauls) a winegrower. It came to a standstill during the Migration Period and was only abandoned by the Benedictine monks of the Saint-Michel-de-Gaillac monastery. In the 13th century, the Count of Toulouse Raymond VII. Issued a decree for a controlled designation of origin for his wine region. Already in the 12th century...

The red grape variety, also (MB x OP) x SV 6/10, is a new breed between ( Muscat Bouschet x Oporto = Blue Portuguese ) x Svätovavrinecké ( St. Laurent ). The name derives from the Slovak name for the Danube from. The mother variety was already crossed in 1951, the crossing with Svätovavrinecké in 1958 in Bratislava (Slovakia) by the breeder Dorota Pospíšilová, The medium to late ripening vine is resistant to frost. Botrytis and false, but prone to real ones mildew, It produces dark-colored, mild red wines with aromas of cherries...

The red grape variety comes from France. There are around 60 Synonyms; some alphabetically grouped by country are Kaberne Sovinjon, Kaberne Sovinyon, Lafit, Lafite ( Bulgaria. Moldova. Russia ); Bidure, Bouchet, Bouchet Sauvignon, Breton, Cabernet Petit, Carbonet, Carbouet, Carmenet, Epicier Noir, Marchoupet, Navarre, Petit Bouchet, Petit Bouschet, Petit Cabernet, Petit Cavernet Sauvignon, Petite Vidure, Sauvignon, Sauvignonne, Vidignonne, Vidure France ); Bordo ( Romania ); Bordeaux ( Switzerland ); Burdeos Tinto ( Peru. Spain ); Cab ( United States ).

Cabernet Sauvignon - grape and leaf


Synonymous (also Brocol) for the grape variety Fer; look there.

The red grape variety comes from France, The name is probably from the French word for blackbird (merle) because these birds like to snack on the very sweet berries when fully ripe. The name can also be an allusion to the black-blue color of the berries similar to the bird. There are over 60 Synonyms which attest to the worldwide spread. The most important are Alicante Noir, Bigney, Black Alicante, Blauer Merlot, Bordò, Crabutet, Crabutet Noir, Hebigney, Médoc Noir, Merlau, Merlot Black, Merlot Blau, Merlot Crni, Merlot Nero, Merlot Noir, Merlott, Merlou, Picard, Pikard, Plant Médoc, Sémillon Rouge, Vidal and Vitraille.

Merlot - grape and leaf


The red grape variety comes from France. There are over 80 Synonyms that testify to old age and worldwide distribution. The most important from a historical perspective, or still used today, are Hermitage, Shiraz ( Australia ), Candive, Marsanne Noir, Petite Sirrah, Petite Syrah, Scyras, Sérène, Serine, Sira, Sirac, Sirah, Syra, Syrac ( France ); Balsamina, Neiretta Cunese, Neiretta del Monregalese, Neiretta del Rosso, Neiretta di Pinerolo, Neiretta di Saluzzo ( Italy ); Shiraz ( South Africa ); Zizak ( Montenegro ). Despite apparently suggestive synonyms or morphological It must not be...

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