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Red wine 2014 P.G.I. Epanomi Museum Collection, Macedonia / Μακεδονία, Greece

Type: Red wine
Quantity: 0.75 l
Alcohol content : 14%
Bottle closue: Natural cork
Registration number : #KG-L16046A

Wine Review Report :

Last reviewed: 1 September 2018

Ancient Macedonia (Macedonia, Makedonia) on the northwest edge of the Aegean was a kingdom in northern Greece and rose to great power under King Philip II (359-336 BC). This dominated almost the entire Balkan Peninsula. His son Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) served Macedonia only as a basis for his military campaigns. The Macedonian kings were known for their drinking and Alexander was allegedly killed during a drinking spree. In 167 BC, the empire collapsed and came under Roman rule. In the division of the Roman Empire in 395 the province was defeated to the Byzantine Empire. After varied history, the area was between Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria in 1913 and 1947 between...

The red variety comes from Greece, Synonyms are Kalabaki, Kalambaki, Kalambaki, Lembiotiko, Lemnia, Lemnio, Lemniotico, Limniona, Limniotico and Mavro Limnio. She is not allowed with the variety Limniona be confused, according to DNA analysis genetically different. According to a no longer verifiable, improbable hypothesis, it is said to be different from that of Aristotle (384-322 BC) and Hesiod (~ 750-680 BC) descended from the species Lemnia (Limnia). The late-ripening vine is resistant to drought, but prone to wrong mildew and Botrytis, It produces body, tannin and alcohol-rich red...

Greek name (meaning "black"), which is used for various grape varieties. Among other things, this is synonymous with the two varieties Agiorgitiko (Mavroudi Nemeas) and Mavrud (Mavroude, Mavroudi Boulgarias, Mavroudion, Mavroudi Voulgarias); look there.

The red variety comes from Greece, The name means "black with crispy pulp". The medium-late maturing, rather low-yielding vine is generally resistant to disease. It produces colorful, tannic red wines with aromas of spices, cherries and wild berries and aging potential. The variety is on the Aegean island Santorini root-cultivated in only very small quantities. The already endangered vine was reactivated by two winemakers.

It is mostly in blending with the variety Mandilaria used, but also produced sorted. Due to the sugar-rich berries it is suitable for the production of sweet wines and became / becomes for the island specialty...

The red grape variety comes from France. There are over 80 Synonyms that testify the old age and the worldwide distribution. The most important from a historical perspective, or still used today are Hermitage, Shiraz ( Australia ), Candive, Marsanne Noir, Petite Sirrah, Petite Syrah, Scyras, Sérène, Serine, Sira, Sirac, Sirah, Syra, Syrac ( France ); Balsamina, Neiretta Cunese, Neiretta del Monregalese, Neiretta del Rosso, Neiretta di Pinerolo, Neiretta di Saluzzo ( Italy ); Shiraz ( South Africa ); Zizak ( Montenegro ). Despite seemingly suggestive synonyms or morphological She may not...

The red grape variety comes from France, The name is probably from the French word for blackbird (Merle) derived, because these birds like to snack on the very ripe berries. The name can also be an allusion to the black-blue color of the berries similar to the bird. There are over 60 Synonyms, which testify to the worldwide distribution. The most important are Alicante Noir, Bigney, Black Alicante, Blue Merlot, Bordò, Crabutet, Crabutet Noir, Hebigney, Médoc Noir, Merlau, Merlot Black, Merlot Blue, Merlot Crni, Merlot Nero, Merlot Noir, Merlot, Merlou, Picard, Pikard, Plant Médoc, Semillon Rouge, Vidal and Vitraille.

Merlot - grape and leaf

It may,...

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