Historically important sherry and port house. The company was founded in London by George Sandeman (1765-1841) a Scot, in 1790, as a wine merchant’s business, using a loan of 300 pounds obtained from...

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0.75 L
D.O. Jerez - D.O. Manzanilla, Don Fino Superior
Editor note: Fairly prominent yeast on a medium-intense nose, elegant herbs and apples, salty mienral notes. Very...
0.75 L
D.O. Jerez - D.O. Manzanilla, Fino "Dry Seco"
Editor note: Dried citrus fruit and apples on the nose, quite salty mineral notes and some iodine. Cool style wit...
0.75 L
D.O. Jerez - D.O. Manzanilla, Don Fino Superior
Editor note: Elegant and quite complex nose, some medicinal herbs, camomile and fennel, salty mineral notes, some...
0.5 L
D.O. Jerez - D.O. Manzanilla, Rare Fino Sherry
Editor note: Muted dark gold colour. Sweetish spongecake nose, dried apples and some sugar candy. More dried frui...
0.5 L
D.O. Jerez - D.O. Manzanilla, Rare Fino - Barrel Selected Fino
Editor note: Brilliant dark yellow-straw. Strong nutty character on the nose, with a little bread, citrus peel, b...
0.75 L
D.O. Jerez - D.O. Manzanilla, Armada Rich Cream Oloroso
Editor note: Medium amber with yellow tinges. Slightly oxidative nose, tending towards burnt caramel, vegetal not...

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Historically important sherry and port house. The company was founded in London by George Sandeman (1765-1841) a Scot, in 1790, as a wine merchant’s business, using a loan of 300 pounds obtained from his father. He concentrated on sherry and port, and frequently travelled to the growing regions in both countries. In 1792 he was appointed the representative of the James Duff sherry company, which was based in the port city of Cádiz (Andalusia) in Spain. In 1809, an office was opened in Cádiz under the management of Sandeman’s partner James Gordon, and wines were shipped from there under the „Sandeman” name. This included the „Sandeman 1790”, which made history as the first vintage port ever. Two years later, a property and a building were acquired in Porto, and port was shipped from here to destinations all over the world. The great success of the company allowed Sandeman to move its offices to St. Swithins Lane No. 20, as well as to the neighbouring Sherbourne Lane 13. These premises remained both the headquarters of Sandeman, as well as the residence of the family, until 1969. Following the death of the founder, his nephew George Glas Sandeman (1792-1868) took over the business. He expanded the wine business, also offering insurance services, and also exported British linen and cotton goods. At the time, Sandeman even maintained an own ship, the „Hoopoe”, which was known for its speed. Thereafter, his eldest son Albert George (1833-1923) took over the company, taking on his three brothers as partners in 1868. The company was transformed into a limited liability company in 1902. The eldest son, Walter Albert (1858-1937), took over in 1923. The famous logo „Don Sandeman”, a black figure with a cape and a hat, was created in 1928. Following the death of Walter Albert, his son Henry Gerard Walter Sandeman (1885-1953) took over the company, he was followed by his brother Patrick Walter, who remained chairman of the board until his death in 1959. Sandeman was converted into a share-holding company in 1952, and the sons of Patrick Walter followed him on the board. In 1963, the company merged with whisky producer Sandeman from Edinburgh – in spite of the identical names, there had been absolutely no connection previously. Then, the company was sold in 1980 for 17 million pounds to the North American multinational Seagram group. The company was eventually acquired by the Sogrape group in 2002. Today, the Sandeman division produces port and sherry in roughly equal quantities. The company owns around 400 hectares of vineyards in the heart of sherry country in Andalusia in Spain, and is the fourth-largest producer there. George Sandeman, a descendant of the original founder in the seventh generation, took over the management of the Porto branch (port production) in 1991. Among the best-known sherry brands produced are the Don Fino, Medium Dry Amontillado, Dry Don Amontillado, Armada Cream Oloroso, Imperial Corregidor Oloroso, Royal Ambrosante Oloroso and Royal Esmeralda Palo Cortado. The port brands are Tawny, White, Partner´s Ruby and Partner´s White. Small amounts of high-quality vintage ports are marketed under the name of „Founder´s Reserve”, these became the most widely sold port brand in the USA. The product range also includes a Madeira Medium Rich.
Sandeman Region: Spain Andalucía
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