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The area is considered in some sources as one of the cradles of European viticulture. The viticulture goes on the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans back. Already in the 8th century BC there was cultivated viticulture in Illyria. Early Roman authors mention the introduction of a productive, Illyrian grape variety to Italy. Greek colonies were founded in the 7th century BC. Around 350 BC, an independent kingdom of Illyria emerged. In the middle of the 2nd century BC, the empire was conquered by the Romans and around 30 BC. To the province of Illyricum. From the end of the 4th century AD, it then belonged to the Byzantine Empire for many centuries. From the beginning of the 16th century to the 1912 achieved independence, it was under Turkish rule. At that time, viticulture was due to the alcohol ban insignificant.

Albania - vine arbor in Berat and vineyard in Permet

After the Second World War was a Neuuanfang, it was first planted Pfropfreben. In 2012, the vineyards covered 10,000 hectares, which was a double of 2000. Of this, 190,000 hectoliters of wine were produced (see below Wine production volumes ). Only about 20% is used for wine production. Around 30% go into production raisins and table grapes, The main share with 50% is for the distillation from Raki (Liquor) used, particularly popular is the traditional, high-percentage Tresterbrand "Raki Rrushi".

The most important winegrowing areas are Shkodra with for example the municipality Kallmet (northwest), the hills around the capital Tirana with for example the municipality Lundër (center), Berat and Përmet (south), Durrës (central east), Korça (southeast) and Lushnja (southwest). Inland, there are some terraced Vineyards up to 1,300 meters above sea level, which thus to the highest in the world counting. There are many autochthonous Varieties cultivated. These are the white wine varieties Debina Kala. Debine e Bardhë, Kryqëz, Pules. Shesh i Bardhë and Tajka e Bardhë, as well as the red wines Debine e Zezë, Gomaresh, Kallmet. Serina e Zeze. Shesh i Zi and Vlosh, Among the most important international varieties count Aligoté. Barbera and Mavrud,

Weinlaube Berat: By Raki_Man, CC BY 3.0 , Link
Weinberg: From Albinfo - Own work, CC0 , Link

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