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The two wine-growing regions of Trentino and Alto Adige make up a contiguous double region with a total vineyard area of 12.810 hectares. The region has been divided into the two autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano since 1992. In teerms of wine-growing, the two regions are regarded as separate entities. The Province of Trento, with the capital of the same name, which is also the capital of the entire region, is inhabited mainly by an Italian-speaking population, it lies in the south and corresponds with the wine-growing region of Trentino, with around 55% of the vineyard area. The predominantly German-speaking province of Bolzano is in the north, the capital has the same name, and corresponds to the wine-growing region of Alto Adige, with around 45% of the vineyard area. The two regions have a totally different history. The northern part was part of Austria for 600 years, and was given to Italy in 1919. The border between the two regions is formed by the Salerno close, the narrow valley of the Adige river close to Salerno, south of Bolzano. Today, there are many similarities between the vines and the wines of the two regions. More than 50% of the production volume is accounted for by DOC wines, the highest such proportion in any region in Italy. Vines are still trained on pergola-type trellises in both regions.
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