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The German growing area Franconia was formerly in the three areas Maindreieck, Mainviereck and Steigerwald structured with 23 major layers and 216 individual layers. In November 2011, a new regulation was passed by the members of the Franconian Winegrowing Association. The three old areas are replaced by 12 much smaller ones. In the medium to long term, these will replace the 23 major locations. The old areas once played a role in the predominant marketing of Franconian table wine, which they had lost for some time. Before this conversion, the following description applies to the area Maindreieck:

Main - river course with Maindreieck and Mainviereck

By far the largest Franconian area Maindreieck lies in the center of the cultivation area and covers scarcely 4,200 hectares of vineyards. He is after the by the curved course of the Mains Formed landscape in the form of a standing on the top standing open triangle between Schweinfurt, Ochsenfurt and Gemünden. The vineyards stretch for the most part along the V-shaped main loop. Also belongs the section of the Tauber valley between Blades and Tauberrettersheim, as well as the 30 kilometers from the Main removed area of ​​the Franconian Saale. A special feature is the result of human influence "wine island" with Sommerach and Nordheim. Mushroom limestone predominates as soil type. The most common varieties are Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner, Bacchus and Riesling. The area is in the 12 major cities Burg, Engelsberg, Ewig Leben, Hofrat, Honigberg, Kirchberg, Marienberg, Margrave Babenberg, Ölspiel, Ravensburg, Roßtal u. Devil's Gate articulated.

Image: By Lencer - own work, in co-operation with DieBuche , CC BY-SA 3.0 , Link

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