Velletri DOC

   Velletri DOC
DOC for white and red wines in the wine-growing region of Latium in Italy. The zone has a total vineyard area of around 2.200 hectares, and is part of the large Castelli Romani region (in the southeastern part). It includes the communes of Lariano and Velletri in the province of Roma, as well as parts of the commune of Cisterna di Latina in the province of Latina. The Bianco is a blend made from any combination of Trebbiano Toscano, Trebbiano Giallo and Trebbiano Verde (30-100%), Malvasia Bianca and/or Malvasia Puntinata (up to 70%), as well as optionally from other permitted white varieties (up to 20%). The same mix of varieties is used to make a Spumante, both are produced in Secco (the Bianco also as a Superiore), Amabile and Dolce versions. The Rosso is made in Secco and Amabile versions from Montepulciano (30-50%), Cesanese Affile and/or Cesanese Comune (10-100%), Sangiovese (10-45%), as well as from any combination of Bombino Nero, Merlot, Ciliegiolo and other permitted red varieties (up to 30%). If matured for two years, both may be called Riserva.

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