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What is the Wein-Plus Wine Guide?

It is an online wine guide, and the real heart of Wein-Plus – the leading independent wine platform in Europe. The Wein-Plus Wine guide concentrates on the top 10 per cent of the leading quality wine producers in Europe.

At currently 129.960 professional wine descriptions and wine ratings it is the largest guide of its kind.
The Wein-Plus Wine guide is updated every working day, and is thus always up to date. We consider ourselves to be a serious journalistic medium. Sample submissions in response to an invitation by the editorial board are always free of charge, and are not in any way tied to membership of Wein-Plus. In addition, members are welcome to send in tasting samples at any time, without a special invitation.

Our work is paid for by our members. If you would also like to become a member, we would be very pleased to welcome you. However, our editorial work, as well as invitations by the editorial borard, are in no way tied to membership.

Who is invited?

As a business member, you are welcome to submit and send in any number of tasting samples at any time. If and when invited to do so by the editorial board, non-members are also welcome to submit tasting samples free of charge.

How do I send in tasting samples?

We would be very pleased if you would send us a representative cross-section of your range of wines (2 bottles each), together with the completed Wine data sheet.

The address to which you should send the samples is:
Wein-Plus GmbH, Verkostungsmuster, Wetterkreuz 19, D-91058 Erlangen, Germany

Once the recept of the wines has been recorded, you will automatically receive a detailed conjfirmation, as well as a mail showing the results after the respective wines have been tasted.

Five reasons why your wines should be included There is no charge for sending in tasting samples, and you will enjoy many benefits:

1 Professional - Strict - Independent The ratings produced by Wein-Plus are highly regarded as being incorruptible, independent, strict and professional, and are considered by both private and commercial readers as being a reference in the wine scene.

  • Tastings take place only under laboratory conditions in the Wein-Plus tasting rooms
  • Strict blind tasting, thus effectively eliminating any prejudices
  • Professional, full-time tasters working under the guidance of Marcus Hofschuster
  • Each wine is given a lot of time. Most samples are re-tasted once they have been exposed to air
  • Strict adherence to the 100-point system – no inflationary ratings
  • Classification of the producer immediately and effectively recognizable
  • Professional wine descriptions for each and every wine tasted

2 Unique European comparison As a European wine guide, Wein-Plus provides the opportunity to compare wines and wine producers from all the wine-growing countries in Europe with each other. Here, you and our readers can see where your wines stand in a European comparison.

  • All 23 wine-producing countries in Europe are considered under the same conditions
  • In a Google-Map the 1.290 leading European producers can be located geographically
  • Consistent quality criteria for wine ratings and producer classification

3 The leading reference for professional and private buyers By now, the Internet is indispensable as a source of information when searching for and buying wine. With currently more than 221.366 registered users, Wein-Plus is the most widely read wine medium on the Internet.

  • The Wein-Plus Wine Guide has been running for more than 17 years. Each and every wine rating is still available online
  • With more than 2.5 million visits each year, Wein-Plus reaches significantly more readers than any wine magazine
  • The Wein-Plus Newsletter is sent out to 66.552 recipients
  • More than 10 700 fans on Facebook  
  • More than 4 000 followers on Twitter
  • No other printed wine guide or wine guide published on the Internet reaches more readers

4 Up to date – sales support from the word go All tastings take place on every weekday. The wines sent in by you are tasted as soon as possible after receipt. This means that Wein-Plus wine ratings are already taking effect long before most printed wine guides are published – when your wines may already be sold out.

  • Wines are published online on the next day after the tasting
  • Each day, more than 2000 tasting telegrams are sent to interested readers
  • The wines and their producers can immediately be located via Google and other search engines

5 Support for all trade channels - online and offline The Wein-Plus Wine Guide is used by buyers in all trade channels. Importers, resellers, restaurants and consumers look up information before buying on the Internet - by smartphone, tablet or PC, and will automatically end up finding Wein-Plus.

  • Many studies confirm it: most buyers look up information on the Internet before making their buying decision
  • 11.493 wine merchants and many more readers are members of Wein-Plus, and are waiting for your wines to be rated
  • 1.485 journalists are registered with Wein-Plus, all looking for new information
  • Many wine merchants use the producer classification of Wein-Plus to promote sales
  • Producers are issued with stickers and/or signs showing their classfication to be used for their own advertising, or create links with Wein-Plus
All these benefits are long-term and sustainable. However, they cannot always be measured immediately, as the producer – the first link in the trade chain – only rarely knows where buyers first obtained information on his wines.
Become a member and enjoy many benefits
As a Business Member you are much more visible on Wein-Plus, and can save money and bureaucratic bother thanks to exclusive group contracts
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currently 129 326 Wines and 23 749 Producers, including 1 290 classified producers.
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